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Portugal´s Best Canyonings
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Come meet the best canyonings of Portugal. Discover clear water rivers in the most beautiful Portuguese mountains, places where no one else goes.

Description: The Centre of Portugal is the region with the best canyonings - come meet them with us.

The 1st day of this program is dedicated to specific technical training on ropes, in order to determine the knowledge and experience of the participants. The first canyoning is in Ribeira da Pena, a section that doesn't require much technique and has many jumps to the water up to 7 meters. It is an affordable approach to start the program. The following days, it continues in the rivers Lordelo and Teixeira, which are gradually more technical and have higher jumps, always with astonishing natural surroundings.

The last two canyonings are in river Frades, one of the best portuguese rivers for those who practice canyoning.  In river Frades, participants find the biggest waterfall of Portugal, with about 70 meters.

Program composed of 4 canyoning courses in the centre of Portugal. This is a 4 days activity with hotel or rural tourism accommodation. Program for groups of 6 to 10 participants with guide.

Includes: Program with accommodation in Hotel***. Breakfast and dinner included.

Season: May to September

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