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Canoe expedition in river Tejo

Canoe expedition in the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula. Takes place in the easterly sector of Portugal between Vila Velha de Ródão and the Castle of Almourol. A stunning expedition through the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings of the river and the rich heritage of the villages and towns along its banks.

Target: families, friends groups, active tourists

Description: Canoe expedition in river Tejo from Vila Velha do Ródão to Almourol. The expedition will be held in standing water due to the effect of the dams. The activity starts in Vila Velha do Ródão where participants can contemplate the rocky canyon known as ''Portas do Ródão'' (Quartzitic crest). Here is possible to see griffins and admire important geological events which are the main reason for this place to be classified as a Natural Monument - Naturtejo Geopark. It ends in the Castle of Almourol, a medieval castle with an important characteristic, it is considered the only iberian castle to be built on an island in the middle of the river.

During the journey, participants will have the opportunity to see the Medieval Tower of King Wamba, the Templar Castle of Belver, stunning riverside towns as Abrantes, Constância (Land of Luís de Camões - most important writer to the Portuguese literature) and Tancos. The program includes cultural visits to Vila Velha do Ródão and a close contact with the local cuisine (Portuguese crumbs - ''migas'' with river fish roes). Participants will overnight in campsites or places along the river. Emphasis on the River Beach of Alamal (Blue flag - the most important reward concerning quality, in Portugal).

Includes: 5d/4n camping program. All included

Season: May to September

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