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Guided hiking expedition in the region of Arouca and Serra da Freita, the place with the biggest Trilobites (marine fossils with over 450 million years) and the extremely rare ''pedras parideiras'' (stones that give birth to other stones).

Target: Program to small groups of friends with a maximum of 10 to 20 participants.

Description Guided hiking expedition with some of the best Portuguese guides in the North region of Portugal, the most important geological region in our country Daily routes of 10 to 15 km. Concerning the geological theme, participants will pass by the Marine Fossils Interpretation Centre (place where the biggest Trilobites in the world were found) and the House of ''pedras parideiras'' (an extremely rare phenomenon, where rocks give birth to smaller rocks).This region is also very rich not only in natural heritage, emphasis to the amazing waterfall of ''Frecha da Mizarela'' (the largest in the country with over 70 meters) and the rivers Frades, Caima, Paivô and Paiva, but also in architectural heritage, with the typical mountainous villages of Castanheira, Albergaria, Tebilhão, Rio de Frades, Drave, Regoufe and Covelo de Paivô. Villages where the rural life and traditions are still very much alive, with their yokes of oxen, the vineyards of ''vinho verde'' , the threshing floors, traditional granaries and communitarian ovens. Also stunning are the old tungsten mines from the time of 2nd World War in Rio de Frades. Participants will also have the chance to taste the ''arouquesa'' veal, an autochthonous species, and the mountainous young goat.

Includes: 5d/4n program with accommodation in Hotel*** with breakfast and dinner included.

Season: all year, except July and August (due to high temperatures)


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