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Canoe expedition in the International river Douro

Canoe expedition through the rocky canyon of river Douro, known as the Douro Cliffs (Arribas do Douro). Part of the International River Douro Natural Park, by far the most stunning region of Portugal.

Target: families, groups of friends, active tourists

Description: Experience the wild nature of the International Douro Natural Park with numerous sightings of griffins, vultures, eagles and black storks, rare and endangered species. Concerning flora, is possible to see wild groves of European Nettle Trees, Holly Oaks, Common Junipers and also old traditional Olive Trees groves.

The cliffs capital in Portugal provides participants a unique journey in one of the most important rocky river canyons in the world . Practice an healthy, nice and clean sport.

The descent is entirely made in the international zone of the river, where the right riverbank is Portuguese and the left riverbank is Spanish.

The program includes cultural visits to the Mirandese donkeys, traditional cuisine (Mirandese beef steak) and a performance of the Pauliteiros (a traditional warriors dance).

The expedition takes an average of 14 to 18 Km per day. During the route, participants are accompanied by accredited monitors. Moves from Miranda do Douro to Freixo de Espada à Cinta and has 5 sectors, always with standing water due to 4 dams that exist during the course.

Includes: 5d/4n camping program. All included.

Season: July to September

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